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Switching to Shampoo Bars: What to Expect

Switching to shampoo bars can be scary for some, even more when you’re not quite sure what to expect. If you’re someone who uses lots of different department store shampoos and hair products then switching to shampoo bars can be a huge jump. I mean going from using 12 products to only a bar of soap? And no conditioner needed? Sounds like a fairy-tale, am I right? It’s not a fairy-tale, but real life with real life magical outcomes! But how do we get through the “weird hair” stage to those magical outcomes? Through patience and learning. 

Many people say they notice a difference in the oils of their hair when they first switch to shampoo bars. Some notice their hair getting oily more frequently however some also don’t notice a change at all. This change can be attributed to your old department store shampoos. Chemical Shampoos strip the natural oils from your hair making your hair work overtime to produce extra oils. When you switch to a natural shampoo you are no longer stripping the oils from your hair, your hair just doesn’t know this yet. The time varies for each individual but many experience oily hair for a week, to up to a month, after switching to shampoo bars because your hair is still trying to compensate like it would for chemical shampoos. If you can persevere through this time you will be rewarded with soft, silky and healthy hair after. 

Many people also notice a change in texture when they switch to shampoo bars. This is also attributed to your old chemical shampoos. Depending on your hair type some experience dry hair, more frizz and tangles, or waxy texture. This happens because your hair is going through withdrawals from the chemicals you’ve been using for years. Your hair doesn’t know what to do so it’s literally freaking out. Again with a little perseverance and practice once you get through this stage your hair will be happier than ever. 

So how do you use your shampoo bar to get healthy, happy hair? I’ll let you in on a little secret. Water! Water, water and more water is the secret to a fantastic lather and of course a good rinse. When using my shampoo bar I make sure to continually add water to my hair while lathering up my bar. I find the best way to do this is to run my bar through the shower water every few seconds to keep it wet as well as cupping one hand and throwing some water onto the dryer stops as I work the shampoo into my hair. This ensures a rich lather that covers all of my roots. Personally I prefer to run my shampoo bar directly over the top of my hair with one hand and work it into my roots with the other, however it also works to lather the bar in your hands first then apply the lather to your hair after. I find this can be more time consuming but every person has their own preference. Make sure you don’t forget the roots at the base of your neck! After lathering up make sure you rinse your hair out well to avoid gunky residue from sticking behind. Shampoo bars take a little extra TLC to make sure they’re rinsed out fully. If you find your hair has a soapy residue after you’re done washing, this just means you need to rinse it out more. If you’re still having troubles after, try rinsing with a little Apple Cider Vinegar, or if you have hard water try rinsing with distilled water instead, or using a filtered shower head. 

Remember that all shampoo bars are different, just like department store shampoos, if you’re having trouble getting your bar to work properly with your hair it could be the wrong one for your hair type. Shampoo bars contain natural oils to hydrate your hair meaning conditioner is not needed for most hair types. If you find your hair too dry or too oily look into bars with different oils and butters. Experiment, try different bars until you find the one that works perfectly for you. Shampoo bars may seem like extra work at first, but if you stick it through you’ll be rewarded with healthy, natural hair. 

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